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Tips for Ordering a Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a big part of any wedding ceremony. Time, thought, and consideration should be put into this cake before it is ordered or bought. Considering that you’ll spend a few hundred dollars for this cake under most circumstances, there is even more reason to take the time to carefully choose. Read below to learn a few tips for ordering a wedding cake that will make things easier.

Schedule a Tasting

Tasting of the cake is not optional. Make sure you take the time to go in for a tasting once the cake is ordered. Not only can you taste the flavors the baker offers, it gives the chance to get to know them, the company, etc. on a more personalized level and ask questions if you have them.

Look for Ways to Save

A wedding cake is oftentimes priced by the slice, with prices ranging from a couple bucks per slice to $20 or more per slice. Luckily, saving money on the cost of the cake is not difficult. There are tons of ways to saves and discounts available so take advantage of the opportunity to keep costs low.

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Make the Guest List

Don’t order the cake until you’ve created the guest list and hopefully received back some RSVPs. You need to know how many people to expect at the wedding to know the size custom wedding cakes gainesville ga to order to accommodate the crowd.  Be sure to complete steps in order when it is time to buy a cake.

Cake Style

You want a cake style that flatters your wedding and it is important to choose that. But, make sure it is the last step that you take when ordering the cake because you may see other cakes and change your mind a dozen times or more.

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